St. Martin’s Day Goose Dinner

6900 HUF/person

November 10th,2011 from 6pm till midnight BUFFET menU


Goose Broth seasoned with Rosemary served with Matzo Dumplings.


Oven Baked Home-made stuffed Goose Neck

Goose Foie Gras Pâté served with Honey Apple Salad

Main Course

Oven Roasted Goose stuffed with Apples-Orange-Ginger

Slow-baked Goose Legs served with Steamed with Henkell Sparkling Wine Red Cabbage

Oven-baked Home-made Goose Sausages

St. Martin’s Sholet-Beans with Smoked Goose Meat


Chocolate Mousse with

Cherry Brandy

Young Wines Offer:

Wines from Bodri Winery

Szekszárdi Rozi PRIMŐR 2011

Szekszárdi Gúnár PRIMŐR 2011

St. Martin’s Day dinner will be served in Beam Room.  During the dinner you will be offered with New Wines from Bodri Winery, which will be presented by Bodri István, the winemaker.

Table reservation is necessary.

Tel.:+36 1 2176756 ● email: info@vorospk.hu