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Red Mail Coach Restaurant

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'Library' dining room
Red mail coach Restauran Budapest
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This building was constructed in 1876 in eclectic, Neorenascence style. First, a "National Coffee House" was put into operation here. Originally opened in the early seventies, in the memory of renowned Hungarian author Krúdy Gyula, the "Red Mail Coach Restaurant" got its name after the famous novel "Vörös Postakocsi" by the writer. In November 2002, the "RED MAIL COACH Restaurant" (Vörös Postakocsi Restaurant) underwent total renovation.

“RED MAIL COACH” is traditional Budapest restaurant with authentic Hungarian cuisine and live Gipsy music. It cannot be said, that the Voros Postakocsi Restaurant in Ráday Street really stands out from the others, but anyone looking for a Hungarian culinary experience shouldn't pass it by.

Originally opened in the early seventies, this traditional fully licensed restaurant, specializing in authentic Hungarian dishes, has been a firm favourite for over three decades, serving authentic, well-cooked and reasonably priced food to its predominantly local Clientele. The premises are very prominently situated in the downtown of Budapest on the historic Ráday Street, which nowadays has turned into the Gastro Street of Budapest.  Customers enjoy a fine, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to dine. With its fresh linen tablecloths and napkins, candlelight and easy live background music, the décor is warm, welcoming and comfortable - all the essential ingredients for an excellent evening out. Over the years this restaurant has built an excellent reputation for offering good service, an excellent and varied wine list and wholesome traditional Hungarian dishes, utilizing fresh ingredients, which are cooked to order.

The restaurant’s modern kitchen enables the provision of consistently first class quality food in supremely comfortable surroundings. Many customers are the second generation of this business’s original Clientele having been introduced to the delights of this restaurant by parents and family.

Visitors to the restaurant experience the inviting atmosphere of the turn-of-the-century Hungary and have the chance to savour the specialties of the middle-class cuisine of the period. The original wood interiors provide a warm atmosphere in winter, but in summer it's worth sitting out on the terrace under the shade of the trees.
The restaurant offers a wide range of carefully selected meals from authentic and modern Hungarian cuisine. Traditionally heavy dishes are rendered light, courtesy of organic meat, dairy products and vegetables. The menu offers several game and vegetarian options. The restaurant's wide selection of modern Hungarian wines is a treat for all. There is also an extensive range of pálinka (Hungarian fruit brandy). The selection of beers offered in Red Mail Coach Pub includes something for everyone's taste. The restaurant’s musicians play live Hungarian and Gipsy music every night.
Vörös Postakocsi Restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and is available for private parties. The restaurant emphasise friendly service at moderate prices.

The Red Mail Coach Restaurant welcomes enthusiasts of good cuisine, and anyone seeking to experience the revived tastes of old Hungary.

The Restaurant has two dining Rooms with total capacity of more than 100 seats. The Restaurant serves up to 60 guests in a spacious Krúdy Room.  The tranquil atmosphere of the establishment's Library Room offers a perfect setting for business lunches or friendly gatherings. The Library room boasts seating for up to 40 guests, sit down, or up to 60 for a reception, with flexible table arrangements. The Library Room may be secured as a private or semi-private venue. Dancing and entertainment are available.

The spacious terrace, with room for 80 people, is available for guests from April until October.

In 2004 the restaurant was decorated by Hungarian Catering Association with “Védnöki Tábla” award (the meaning is: Guarantee of Quality for meals and service).

On the 5th of July, 2012 the Restaurant has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award.


Hungarian cuisine is known all over the world, but there is much more to our cooking than goulash soup and a generous sprinkling of paprika. Down the centuries, Hungary’s top chefs and a legion of committed grandmothers have drawn influences from Turkish, Slavic, French, Italian, Austrian and German cooking. As a result, Hungarian cooking is actually quite difficult to define. But there are some ever-present ingredients, including tejföl (sour cream), túró (curd, often, but not always sweetened), szalonna (smoked bacon or pork fat), cumin, caraway seeds, garlic, sauerkraut, and of course paprika. Unmissable specialities include goose liver, kolbász (spicy sausage), salami, palacsinta (pancakes, both sweet and savoury) and paprikás csirke (paprika chicken).

We formed the Red Mail Coach Restaurant’s Menu around the Foie Gras and other Hungarian specialties.

Our chefs worked hard and made the tremendous job to raise the Foie Gras preparation to the maximum level. Thus, the 7, above the average, goose liver specialties were born. The Foie Gras is usually prepared by frying it in a pan or turning it into some kind of terrine or pâté. We offer to your attention several delicacy dishes from the best quality Hungarian fattened goose liver, created by our chefs.

The worthy place among our meals has won Hungarian Mangalica pork, the Grey Cattle beef and wild Ceps or Porcini mushrooms. Fish meals selection can be found in our restaurant, ranging from traditional Hungarian dishes, like Catfish Stew “Paprikash” to the real rarities, like Sturgeon steak.

We have put together for you such specialties, like Escargot plate, where the variety of tastes meets together.


The fattened goose liver or Foie Gras is one of the most famous food products, which are typically Hungarian. This is the rare example of an internationally-renowned luxury food ingredient way cheaper in Hungary, than in most other countries.

The Foie Gras is usually prepared by frying it in a pan. We offer to your attention several delicacy dishes from the best quality Hungarian fattened goose liver, created by our chefs.


The Red Mail Coach Restaurant offers more than 70 kinds of bottled wine, half of which is also available by glass at very attractive prices. We set up the wine list from the most famous wine regions of Hungary. By reshaping and renewing our wine offerings, we gave a major role to the domestic small craft producers, wineries, which produce the so called Készműves Bor.

Production of Készműves Bor is based on careful wine selection, free of chemicals and artificial raw materials in order to keep the traditional wine-producing techniques.   Each step in wine-producing process (pruning, picking, wine-making) is made by hand with very low level of machinery usage, and, usually, by the wine-grower himself. That is why these wines are completely free of chemicals and are all natural. The small vine growing area and manual work restricts the volume of produced wines. Usually these wines are bottled in relatively small quantities. The taste of these vintage wines may vary from year to year.

The Készműves wines are being classified by experts every year. The wine must bear the growing area, region, vintage and varietal characteristics and only then receive the certification of the Készműves Wine.

You may find more about Hungarian Wine and Pálinka on our website here... Click